Walker’s Drive-In, Van Buren

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Stardate Oct. 3rd 2009

Vox Crew at Walker's Drive-In, Van Buren, AR

Vox Crew at Walker's Drive-In, Van Buren, AR

Van Buren, Arkansas:  Home of the Razor Backs, Bill Clinton, and some of the best roast beef au jus sandwiches ever!  We Voxers loaded up on calories in the oldest drive-in in the world, Walker’s Drive-In since 1940.  It’s the only place in America you can still get a cold beer delivered to the driver’s side of your car by flashing your headlights.  (Haven’t researched the number of DUI’s yet)  You can also get a Frito chili pie (use your imagination)  and a 5-pound cheeseburger!  (Roughly the number of pounds we all gained on this trip.)

After a rockin’ Saturday night performance at Van Buren’s Fine Arts Center (Sammy Pawlak filling in on bass and KILLING it) we found ourselves at the Sunday morning service of the North Park Baptist Church.  Several of the congregation recognized us and treated us like royalty.  We even got free home-made coffee and doughnuts!  Mmmm…sacred-licious.

In short, Arkansas will always hold a special place in our hearts and our stomachs.  Even this week-end, when the Florida Gators defeat and humiliate the Arkansas Razorbacks.